mountain mango/otto

 very smooth  packed with

quality cannabis sativa CBD


Protects against cancer,Reduces nausea,cbd is a pain reliever,cbd can help you sleep, and causes drowsiness,cbd will increases appetite, cbd also relieves muscle spasms

people who have Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder use cbd, cbd also decreases seizures,people who have anxiety and ptsd ( Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), cbd is a muscle relaxant, cbd is a Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial,  cbd also protects the nervous system, cbd is a Anti_diabetic, cbd improves the blood circulation,cbd also relieves psoriasis,, cbd relieves Crohn"s disease, cbd is anti-inflammatory,its a bone stimulant,cbd relieves rheumatoid arthritis, cbd is also a antioxidant, 

Pre-Rolled Blunts 

150 mg. CBD-Infused Chocolate Bar.
Locally crafted and comes in four delicious


Milk: $18.00 + tax
Dark: $18.00+ tax
Extra-Dark: $18.00+ tax
White: $18.00+ tax

Natural CBD capsules

aid with pain relief, sleep, and more.
30 count.
20 mg. CBD per capsule.

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Broad Spectrum: $55.00+ tax
Full Spectrum: $48.00 + tax

HEMP FLOWER Cannabis Sativa 

Fruity, CBD-infused hard candy

individually wrapped. Assorted flavors.

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60 mg CBD: $7.00+ tax

Soothing CBD-infused salve

comes in a convenient jar. 
Refreshing Eucalyptus-Peppermint scent

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500 mg CBD: $45.00+ tax

Smokable CBD disposable vape pen

 disposable vape pen comes in a variety of flavors.
250 mg. CBD Broad Spectrum: $47.00+ tax
40 mg. CBD Full Spectrum: $25.00+ ta

CBD-Infused Gummies



Juicy CBD-infused candies

comes in a convenient pouch.
10 mg CBD per gummy. 
Assorted flavors.

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100 mg CBD: $15.00 + tax

 Wonder Bear CBD-Infused Salve            

CBD-Infused Lollipops   

Natural CBD capsules

Old Growth CBD-Infused Tincture

Fruity, CBD-infused hard candy,

individually wrapped. Assorted flavors.

60 mg CBD: $7.00+ tax

Tree Top CBD-Infused Tincture 

Houndcat Peaceful Pet Mix CBD


Mint-flavored CBD-infused oil

comes in Broad Spectrum (no THC) or Full Spectrum (less than .3% THC). Aids with sleep, pain relief, and more

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1000 mg Full Spectrum: $50.00 + tax
1500 mg Full Spectrum: $80.00+ tax
1000 mg Broad Spectrum: $70.00+ tax
1500 mg Broad Spectrum: $100.00 + tax

Triple Tested    We receive purity test to validate our CBD is free of pesticides and heavy metels, Potency

Organic hemp pet CBD 

dog or cats, oil may relieve

pets' achy joints, calm, and assist

with sleep.Turmeric & Pollock Oil flavor.

Natural CBD Medicine ships the same day , Customers recieve a tracking # to track the order

Organic CBD-infused hemp oil

can be  ingested or used topically to aid with sleep, pain relief, and more.Assorted flavors.

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600 mg CBD: $60.00+ tax 
900 mg CBD: $80.00+ tax

Mountain Mango | Otto
1 gram: $7.00+ tax
1/8 oz.:$20.00+ tax
1/4 oz.:$35.00+ tax
1 ounce: $140.00+ tax

1 pound: $800.00 + tax
Conforms to the legal definition of hemp

as defined by the Agricultural Improvement

Act of 2018.