Smokable CBD disposable vape pen

 disposable vape pen comes in a variety of flavors.
250 mg. CBD Broad Spectrum: $47.00+ tax
40 mg. CBD Full Spectrum: $25.00+ ta

Old Growth CBD-Infused Tincture

Natural CBD capsules

Pre-Rolled Blunts 

Houndcat Peaceful Pet Mix CBD


Fruity, CBD-infused hard candy

individually wrapped. Assorted flavors.

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60 mg CBD: $7.00+ tax

Juicy CBD-infused candies

comes in a convenient pouch.
10 mg CBD per gummy. 
Assorted flavors.

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100 mg CBD: $15.00 + tax

Fruity, CBD-infused hard candy,

individually wrapped. Assorted flavors.

60 mg CBD: $7.00+ tax

Organic hemp pet CBD 

dog or cats, oil may relieve

pets' achy joints, calm, and assist

with sleep.Turmeric & Pollock Oil flavor.

Healthy Pet CBD 100 mg, Relief for anxiety pain cancer,relax seizure & more​

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 Wonder Bear CBD-Infused Salve            


150 mg. CBD-Infused Chocolate Bar.
Locally crafted and comes in four delicious


Milk: $18.00 + tax
Dark: $18.00+ tax
Extra-Dark: $18.00+ tax
White: $18.00+ tax

CBD-Infused Gummies

CBD-Infused Lollipops   

Mint-flavored CBD-infused oil

comes in Broad Spectrum (no THC) or Full Spectrum (less than .3% THC). Aids with sleep, pain relief, and more

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1000 mg Full Spectrum: $50.00 + tax
1500 mg Full Spectrum: $80.00+ tax
1000 mg Broad Spectrum: $70.00+ tax
1500 mg Broad Spectrum: $100.00 + tax

Triple Tested    We receive purity test to validate our CBD is free of pesticides and heavy metels, Potency


Protects against cancer,Reduces nausea,cbd is a pain reliever,cbd can help you sleep, and causes drowsiness,cbd will increases appetite, cbd also relieves muscle spasms

people who have Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder use cbd, cbd also decreases seizures,people who have anxiety and ptsd ( Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), cbd is a muscle relaxant, cbd is a Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial,  cbd also protects the nervous system, cbd is a Anti_diabetic, cbd improves the blood circulation,cbd also relieves psoriasis,, cbd relieves Crohn"s disease, cbd is anti-inflammatory,its a bone stimulant,cbd relieves rheumatoid arthritis, cbd is also a antioxidant, 

 mountain mango/otto

 very smooth  packed with

quality cannabis sativa CBD

Soothing CBD-infused salve

comes in a convenient jar. 
Refreshing Eucalyptus-Peppermint scent

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500 mg CBD: $45.00+ tax

Natural CBD capsules

aid with pain relief, sleep, and more.
30 count.
20 mg. CBD per capsule.

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Broad Spectrum: $55.00+ tax
Full Spectrum: $48.00 + tax